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operating unit sentence in Hindi

"operating unit" meaning in Hindi
  • The idea is to expand geographically, permitting operating units to remain local.
  • Citibank is the main operating unit of Citicorp, American's largest banking company.
  • It is one of the main operating units of The Thomson Corporation.
  • Here the Desert Mounted Corps Operating Unit and consulting surgeon were attached.
  • Previously the bank's operating units were divided among three or four executives.
  • Treatment occurs no more than 2 hours per day per operating unit.
  • The base operating unit was the 403d Army Air Force Base Unit.
  • The subsidiary was to be a non-operating unit created for the merger.
  • Greenberg is now facing the third investigation of a core operating unit.
  • Also filing with the parent company were 15 of its operating units.
  • The site houses 4 currently operating units, all being pressurized water reactors.
  • To prevent capture, operating units and plans for the system were destroyed.
  • AT & AMP; T should set these businesses as stand-alone operating units.
  • MNA operates unit coal trains to major power plants at Montrose, Missouri.
  • The company's main operating unit is investment firm Midland Walwyn Capital Inc.
  • Too, the operating units are expected to develop detailed strategies this year.
  • General Electric also has separate operating units, organized around products, like engines.
  • But we hope that all the operating units will be saved.
  • Cawley is the chairman of MBNA America, the main operating unit.
  • Perhaps land reform aimed at creating larger operating units can be worked out.
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