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operating voltage sentence in Hindi

"operating voltage" meaning in Hindi
  • At the operating voltage of the battery, the electrolyte is unstable and decomposes.
  • The operating voltage of the majority of SIM cards launched before 1998 was.
  • A high operating voltage is chosen to give enough gain for counting purposes.
  • As operating voltages increase, greater consideration must be given to such design principles.
  • Manufacturers group their products by specs like operating voltage, color, composition and light output.
  • The input and output levels and operating voltages were compatible between the different gates.
  • But once cranking is finished, the normal operating voltage would overload the ignition system.
  • It had an operating voltage of roughly 1.1 volts.
  • By reducing the operating voltage of each device, the overall consumption will be greatly reduced.
  • Operating voltage is 12V or 24V DC nominal with power consumption being 8 W nominal.
  • Commonly operating voltage is also increased to maintain a component's operational stability at accelerated speeds.
  • The electrolyte determines the capacitor's characteristics : its operating voltage, temperature range, ESR and capacitance.
  • In addition, guest host displays usually require higher operating voltages than TN or STN displays.
  • Switching energy depends greatly on things like transistor size, switching speed, operating voltage, and the like.
  • Until it was upgraded in 1993, the HVDC Inter-Island link had normal operating voltages of ?50 MW.
  • Funafuti's power station comprises three 750kVA diesel generators with 11kV operating voltage, which was installed in 2007.
  • The IGBT design is still under development and can be expected to provide increases in operating voltages.
  • Insulated cables are rated by their allowable operating voltage and their maximum operating temperature at the conductor surface.
  • :Perhaps the normal operating voltage of your rechargeable batteries is down in the trip-range for the low-battery alarm?
  • A magnesium-air fuel cell has theoretical operating voltages of 3.1V and energy densities of 6.8 kWh / kg.
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