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English-Hindi > operating voltage

operating voltage meaning in Hindi

operating voltage sentence in Hindi

• प्रचालन वोल्टता
operating    कि्रयाशील परिचालन
voltage    खिंचाव तनाव
1.At the operating voltage of the battery, the electrolyte is unstable and decomposes.

2.The operating voltage of the majority of SIM cards launched before 1998 was.

3.A high operating voltage is chosen to give enough gain for counting purposes.

4.As operating voltages increase, greater consideration must be given to such design principles.

5.Manufacturers group their products by specs like operating voltage, color, composition and light output.

6.The input and output levels and operating voltages were compatible between the different gates.

7.But once cranking is finished, the normal operating voltage would overload the ignition system.

8.It had an operating voltage of roughly 1.1 volts.

9.By reducing the operating voltage of each device, the overall consumption will be greatly reduced.

10.Operating voltage is 12V or 24V DC nominal with power consumption being 8 W nominal.

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