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operation account sentence in Hindi

"operation account" meaning in Hindi
  • International operations account for more than half of new orders in Skanska.
  • Exports and overseas operations account for 84 percent of the group's turnover.
  • Still, its international operations account for a small portion of Wal-Mart's business.
  • Parmalat's Brazilian operations account for 10 percent of the Italian parent company's revenue.
  • International tobacco operations account for 28 percent of RJR's total profit.
  • But those funds came out of other important foreign operations accounts.
  • Falconbridge's Sudbury operations account for 6 percent of world nickel output.
  • Google's international operations account for an increasingly big chunk of revenue.
  • Those operations account for about 60 percent of MacDermid's overall revenue, he said.
  • Its leisure and hospitality operations account for about 80 percent of the company's sales.
  • International operations account for one third of Valio net turnover.
  • U . S . operations account for more than half of Ahold's worldwide sales.
  • U . S . operations account for about 60 percent of its worldwide sales.
  • It just might be that Becky Epstein's kitchen campaign operation accounts for the increase.
  • AlliedSignal's Arizona operations account for $ 5 billion in revenue.
  • So, if Internet operations account for just a fifth of revenues, what are TMP's traditional businesses?
  • Non-railway operations account for roughly 60 % of the company's sales and all of its profits.
  • "Higher losses from the Benguet Antamok mine and from the subsidiaries'operations account for the unfavorable performance,"
  • While sputtering, HP's sexier information technology operations account for about $ 40 billion in annual sales.
  • The payments come from the Pentagon's operations account and do not need White House or congressional approval.
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