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English-Hindi > operation account

operation account meaning in Hindi

operation account sentence in Hindi

• प्रचालन लेखा
operation    संक्रिया संचालन
account    विवरण कारण
1.International operations account for more than half of new orders in Skanska.

2.Exports and overseas operations account for 84 percent of the group's turnover.

3.Still, its international operations account for a small portion of Wal-Mart's business.

4.Parmalat's Brazilian operations account for 10 percent of the Italian parent company's revenue.

5.International tobacco operations account for 28 percent of RJR's total profit.

6.But those funds came out of other important foreign operations accounts.

7.Falconbridge's Sudbury operations account for 6 percent of world nickel output.

8.Google's international operations account for an increasingly big chunk of revenue.

9.Those operations account for about 60 percent of MacDermid's overall revenue, he said.

10.Its leisure and hospitality operations account for about 80 percent of the company's sales.

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