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operation area sentence in Hindi

"operation area" meaning in Hindi
  • Only around are actually used by the plant's buildings and operation areas.
  • He added eight other villagers were missing in the operations area.
  • About 100 of the job reductions came in the technology and operations areas.
  • Returning to the operations area, she finds Koenig conscious and hostile.
  • All the 17 railroads of JSC  RZD become ESSO system operation area.
  • Some 31 locations, according to Toha, were considered prime operation areas for beggars.
  • The maritime sector is one of the co-operation areas between the two countries.
  • The operation area may extend to the sea buoy if environmental conditions permit.
  • ,all main buildings in the Operations Area are in use.
  • The commander children also apply for the new operation area.
  • Operations area functions implementation can vary significantly depending on communications type and payment model.
  • Facilities include a CCF operations area and an indoor . 22 25-yard shooting range.
  • This included staff from administrative, support and operations areas as well as 15 Pilots.
  • Reporters are kept out of the operation area for safety reasons, military officials said.
  • In the fluorescent pre-operation area, Dr . Nahai appeared, smiling.
  • During the next month, " Waccamaw " operated in the Jacksonville, Florida, operations area.
  • They brought back photographs and video imagery of the operations area and potential camp sites.
  • Military authorities believe a small number of the guerrillas have slipped outside the operation area.
  • The station s operations area received a " Reichsstrasse 28 " ( now Ulmerstra�e ).
  • It also has the advantage of separating the recovery operation area from the launch area.
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