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English-Hindi > opus sectile

opus sectile meaning in Hindi

opus sectile sentence in Hindi

पाषाण पच्चीकारी
opus    संगीत रचना रचना
sectile    छेद् य भेद्य
1.It retains its original flooring of opus tesselatum and opus sectile.

2.The casements at floor level are decorated with opus sectile.

3.Below the dome is an " Opus sectile " pavement of multicolored stones.

4.In February 2009 the newly renovated Opus Sectile were re-installed in the church.

5.The reredos dates from 1954 and contains mosaic and " opus sectile ".

6.Born 1880, Gabriel Joseph Pippet became a renowned designer of mosaic and opus sectile.

7.The floor is covered with marble blocks and the peristyle with mosaics in the technique opus sectile.

8.The apse is heptagonal and has in its lower half seven pointed arches filled with opus sectile.

9.As such, these eleven mosaics cover virtually the whole period of opus sectile work by Powell's.

10.Similarly, for works that use larger pieces of stone ( or tile ), opus sectile may be used.

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