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English-Hindi > or circuit

or circuit meaning in Hindi

or circuit sentence in Hindi
अथवा परिपथ

ऑर परिपथ
or    अर्थात एवं कि या वा
circuit    घेरा चक्कर दौरा
1.As attributes, each one is a property of the gear or circuit.

2.No prize money or circuit points were awarded to either teams.

3.He is a whiz with any kind of tool or circuit.

4.Message switching systems are nowadays mostly implemented over packet-switched or circuit-switched data networks.

5.Looks like an electrical plug or circuit board map to me.

6.The first was that basic perceptrons were incapable of processing the exclusive-or circuit.

7.In general, a polynomial can be algebraically represented by an arithmetic formula or circuit.

8.The dentate granule cell axons, called trisynaptic loop or circuit.

9.Either way, the required time or circuit resources scale exponentially.

10.The " Tour " is roughly divided into several tours, or circuits, around Britain.

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