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out crop sentence in Hindi

"out crop" meaning in Hindiout crop in a sentence
  • An unnamed coarse leucogranite has a small out crop east of Jerrabomberra creek.
  • Spills also take out crops and aquacultures through contamination of groundwater and soils.
  • Pineapples were grown until 1895, when freezing weather wiped out crops and ended commercial farming.
  • Tomato speck usually doesn't wipe out crops, but it is difficult to get rid of.
  • The combination of a dry winter, early frosts and a wet summer has wiped out crops.
  • "We're just a couple of worn-out crop-dusters,"
  • Afghan police have launched a fresh drive in recent days to wipe out crops in several provinces.
  • There were cumbersome export restrictions to discuss and the need for trains to hustle out crops and wheat.
  • Its winds were stronger than Hurricane Lili, which wiped out crops and left thousands homeless in Cuba in 1996.
  • Michelle's winds were stronger than Hurricane Lili, which wiped out crops and left thousands homeless in Cuba in 1996.
  • The raging storm hit the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday, and heavy rains could wash out crops in the region.
  • Tamil Nadu has insisted on raising the water level in the dam to 142 feet, pointing out crop failures.
  • It also faces the grim reality of annual cyclones and floods that kill hundreds and wipe out crops and homes.
  • Although Bermuda has hurricane-resistant homes, it hasn't seen a Category 3 storm since Arlene wiped out crops and homes in 1963.
  • "People either go into organic farming gradually or specialize in one crop while they figure out crop rotations, " she said.
  • Heavy rains could wash out crops in the region, including the soybean states of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas.
  • Gerald Beck likes to say that he and his buddy Bob Odegaard are " just a couple of worn-out crop dusters ."
  • "Hailstorms either wiped out crops or reduced yields, and many farmers are plowing the crop under and planting other crops, " said Hand.
  • This year, unusually heavy rains and the overflowing Juba River have destroyed homes, washed away roads and wiped out crops and reserve stocks.
  • These wild birds have established their breeding sites on the quarry rock out crops and most of them have made the quarry their home.
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