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pace out sentence in Hindi

"pace out" meaning in Hindipace out in a sentence
  • Esnault Pelterie paced out the length of the flight, measuring it at.
  • "They're expecting a better pace out of themselves on the offensive side,"
  • Real has met his challenge, but Barcelona has kept pace out front.
  • PEA FC finished at ninth pace out of sixteen clubs in the league.
  • Jones was delighted to take advantage of some scorching pace out of the blocks.
  • "Trouble was it was like a snail's pace out there.
  • "I wish honestly they'd have been paced out a little better, " he said.
  • Kickers usually pace out their kick before taking it.
  • The pace out west is generally pretty cool and laid back, which is more my pace.
  • They are very well organized, have pace up front and pace out wide, and are tough mentally.
  • He had played a forcing shot to off-spinner Daniel Vettori and strayed a pace out of his crease.
  • Center Drew Gooden came out to trap Holy Cross'guards and force the pace out of the Crusaders'deliberate style.
  • "I wasn't giving him a lot of pace out there and he really couldn't too much with it ."
  • They take the pace out of the match, they very good on the ball and are fit and strong.
  • He said the addition of teenage speedster Ugo Monye, with Paul and Ben Gollings, gave England pace out wide.
  • The LTA and ourselves are looking at ways of getting some of the pace out of the game using the ball.
  • Croatian pacemaker Branko Zorko took the pace out slowly, hitting 1000 metres in 2 : 33.91 and dropping out at the mile.
  • McFarland shoved the 325-pound Pace out of the way and Rice stormed Warner, hitting him just as the quarterback unloaded a pass downfield.
  • When the housewife started seeing shadows pacing out of the corner of her eye, she didn't think twice about where to go for help.
  • At Legrand's direction, Jupiter drops the bug through one eye socket and Legrand paces out to a spot where the group begins to dig.
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