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English-Hindi > pace out

pace out meaning in Hindi

pace out sentence in Hindi
pace    गति चाल पग प्रगति
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.Esnault Pelterie paced out the length of the flight, measuring it at.

2."They're expecting a better pace out of themselves on the offensive side,"

3.Real has met his challenge, but Barcelona has kept pace out front.

4.PEA FC finished at ninth pace out of sixteen clubs in the league.

5.Jones was delighted to take advantage of some scorching pace out of the blocks.

6."Trouble was it was like a snail's pace out there.

7."I wish honestly they'd have been paced out a little better, " he said.

8.Kickers usually pace out their kick before taking it.

9.The pace out west is generally pretty cool and laid back, which is more my pace.

10.They are very well organized, have pace up front and pace out wide, and are tough mentally.

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