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English-Hindi > pacific high

pacific high meaning in Hindi

pacific high sentence in Hindi

प्रशान्त महासागरीय उच्चदाब
pacific    प्रशांत महासागर
high    प्रखर स्वर्ग भारी
1.The remaining compositions were recorded at und Pacific High Studios, San Francisco.

2.Normally, like a big bully, the Pacific High blocks storms from entering California.

3.Summer months are drier since the South Pacific high is more southwards, inhibiting rainfall.

4.The resulting boat was christened " Pacific High ", and it was launched in 1978.

5.Much of the album was recorded in the San Francisco area at Pacific High Recording Studios.

6.The Pacific High Technology Index jumped 2 percent.

7.The South Atlantic High and the South Pacific High both influence the pattern of winds in Argentina.

8.When the Aleutian Low goes west, the void is filled by a high-pressure cell, the Pacific High.

9.Also appearing was Jorma Kaukonen's brother Peter Kaukonen, and Phill Sawyer, the engineer at Pacific High Recording studios.

10.Pacific High School has graduated many professional players including NFL Players like Mark Anthony Collins, Ryan Nece, Ula Tuitele

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