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English-Hindi > pacific silver fir

pacific silver fir meaning in Hindi

pacific silver fir sentence in Hindi
प्रशांत रजत देवदार
pacific    प्रशांत महासागर
silver    चाँदी का सिक्का
fir    देवदारु सनोबर सरो
1.It is more tolerant than all its associates except Pacific silver fir, western hemlock, and Alaska cedar.

2.The higher elevations of the park surrounding Schoen Lake also consist of mountain hemlock, Pacific Silver Fir and wolves.

3.Vegetation in the Waldo Lake Wilderness consists mostly of Douglas-fir, mountain hemlock, and Pacific silver fir.

4.These mountains are not the highest of the Klamath Mountains, but due to the Alaska Yellow-Cedar and Pacific Silver Fir.

5.Pacific silver fir is a major climax species in many communities of the mountain hemlock forest in British Columbia and Washington and northern Oregon.

6.Mountain hemlock is more commonly the major climax species in the mountain hemlock zone south of central Oregon where Pacific silver fir does not occur.

7.The Alpine Lakes Wilderness is considered by the Pacific Silver Fir, Subalpine Mountain Hemlock, Subalpine Fir, and Grand Fir / Douglas Fir.

8.It is a very shade-tolerant tree; among associated species in the Pacific Northwest, it is matched or exceeded in shade tolerance only by Pacific silver fir.

9.In addition, the headwaters of the Salmon River in the wilderness also hold a relict stand of Pacific silver fir, which is the southern most stand in the range of the species.

10.Pacific silver fir is very closely related to Maries'fir " A . mariesii " from Japan, which is distinguished by its slightly shorter leaves  and smaller cones, which are long.

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