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pack a punch sentence in Hindi

"pack a punch" meaning in Hindi
  • You've got to break down on him, because he packs a punch.
  • "They've learned that this little kid packs a punch, " he added.
  • It means someone or something can be small but pack a punch.
  • Alternating jangle-crunch rock with introspective melodies, the multidimensional Fastball packs a punch.
  • The Italians remain intensely competitive, and even compliments can pack a punch.
  • However, these light fighters, like their heavier counterparts really pack a punch.
  • But if skillfully done it can pack a punch, and it does here.
  • While the whole film packs a punch, Caroline's story is the most devastating.
  • The 8-inch by 8-inch computer is small in stature but packs a punch.
  • He does not look that big, but he packs a punch.
  • PREVENTION : Flu Spray Packs a Punch, Up the Nose
  • Mostow can't make this believable, but he sure can make it pack a punch.
  • The demolition man _ the guy who hits and hits and packs a punch.
  • There's no doubt that fictional TV can pack a punch.
  • But I can pack a punch, that's for sure ."
  • Charlton Heston may be packing heat, but he doesn't seem to pack a punch.
  • Although it's half the size of competing systems, this tiny dynamo packs a punch.
  • While Arizona, Oregon and Washington pack a punch, their travel partners are traditionally weak.
  • The comments indicate that the exhibit packs a punch.
  • Sculptors pack a punch with stark creations, JAKARTA POST
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