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pack away sentence in Hindi

"pack away" meaning in Hindi
  • Pack away winter sweaters, have nothing to wear when the nippy temps strike.
  • Many residents, however, did not pack away their winter boots and fur hats.
  • It's time to pack away our white summer pants, skirts, and matching shoes.
  • Ever wonder what a state museum packs away in its " attic "?
  • Pack away the children and anyone who is ego-sensitive.
  • Pack away the chunky gold necklaces and matching earrings.
  • Waldo packs away his tools for the day, and goes outside to sit in the sunshine.
  • The army ordered vendors in the marketplace to pack away their produce and lock their doors.
  • An earlier scene of her is shown as she packs away belongings of her deceased boyfriend.
  • Quietly pack away the socks and hope their raison d'etre comes to you, or maybe your children.
  • Fill the flutes with water, pack away the chocolate and put out a plate of fresh fruit.
  • But many residents know enough not to pack away their winter boots and fur hats just yet.
  • Pack away appliances you won't be needing.
  • An order of protection keeping Pack away from Schepis was also issued as part of the plea bargain.
  • Pack away those user-hostile long, straight skirts, floppy shirttails, see-through blouses, exaggerated ruffles, bell-bottoms, baby-doll dresses and platform shoes.
  • GIRLY SKIRTS . " Ladies, pack away the miniskirts and micro tees, " Vogue announced in its July issue.
  • They understand that a thriving marriage is " the greater good, " and they pack away their hard feelings.
  • Jeremy goes back to the juvenile facility and packs away his belongings, planning to run away to his farm.
  • "Can that Homer pack away those doughnuts, or what ? " or " I can't get enough of that Flanders ."
  • Brian Jordan placed a large box in front of his locker Wednesday afternoon and prepared to pack away his personal belongings.
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