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pack ice sentence in Hindi

"pack ice" meaning in Hindi
  • The surrounding sea is obstructed by pack ice, even during the summer.
  • The surrounding sea is obstructed by pack ice even in the summer.
  • On 1 July they encountered their first pack ice off Har�e Island.
  • Fill top of cooler with cubed ice or pack ice between items.
  • Off Haroe Island on 1 July, " Advance " encountered pack ice.
  • During autum pack ice forms which does not break up until spring.
  • Nevertheless, most organisms in the winter pack ice are prepared for starvation.
  • The white pack ice rimmed the horizon like a neon light.
  • Despite cautious steaming through pack ice, she reached Reykjav�k on 13 February 1943.
  • After discovering Spitsbergen, the ships encountered pack ice blocking the way.
  • The surrounding sea is obstructed by pack ice even in the summer months.
  • The expedition's ship " Admiral Tegetthoff " was abandoned in the pack ice.
  • In winter, it feeds on benthic prey, mostly flatfish, under dense pack ice.
  • The extreme cold has resulted in 80 centimeter-thick ( 32-inch ) pack ice.
  • Presumably, the pack ice eventually crushed and sank the abandoned " Advance ".
  • They are native to coastal regions and pack ice around the Arctic Sea.
  • The view reminded scientists of pack ice on a polar sea.
  • The pack ice was heavier that summer than any experienced polar hands could remember.
  • Unfortunately, the lives of large animals in the winter pack ice remain a mystery.
  • We've even broken through 18-meter-thick ( 60-feet-thick ) pack ice,"
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