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pack it in sentence in Hindi

"pack it in" meaning in Hindi
  • Thought I'd pack it in my son's lunch as a nourishing snack.
  • We had every reason just to pack it in and go home.
  • Before this came along, I was about ready to pack it in.
  • It was easier for Sweden to pack it in a narrower space,
  • I don't believe anybody on our team is going to pack it in.
  • If I lose this fight, people will say I should pack it in.
  • Being down 20, we could pack it in or keep fighting.
  • Never mind that Begelman can afford to pack it in at age 47.
  • Utah packs it in and makes you take the perimeter shot.
  • They just pack it in on Shaq, he causes a crowd.
  • The Hawks were supposed to pack it in for the night.
  • Do they pack it in for 2001 and start making plans for 2002?
  • But we weren't going to pack it in and get our first loss.
  • Why would it be stupid just to pack it in, sir?
  • It's time for Thompson and his crew to pack it in.
  • When you get discouraged you ought to pack it in.
  • The Trojans could easily pack it in and have a season of disastrous proportions.
  • "I'm sure they'll slow us down and pack it in.
  • But she didn't pack it in, or go on welfare.
  • I was about to say, ` Let's pack it in.
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