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pack off sentence in Hindi

"pack off" meaning in Hindi
  • Cooper got his pack off and threw it into the brush.
  • "Yeah, I'll be leading the pack off instead of bringing the pack in,"
  • She stayed with the leading pack off and on throughout.
  • Or the decision to pack off the editorial writer to his parish in Norfolk?
  • Soon, they pack off to go to the Amazon with some professors and photographers.
  • The clerk looks at a prescription number and hands you a pack off the shelf.
  • Well just take the ice pack off your face and let your eyes do the work.
  • McRae and his co-driver, Derek Ringer, will lead the pack off the ramp in a Subaru Impreza.
  • In Harry's case it means you pack off to Sudan, wear a phony beard and go undercover.
  • Pack off Kemp to the Washington Generals?
  • They move like they've been dancing all their lives and could continue even when the band packs off.
  • Spider-Man successfully ripped the burning pack off of Toomes, and the two crash landed in a muddy ditch.
  • As he spoke, he took an ice pack off his left elbow where he had severe tendon damage last summer.
  • Stressed out, Stella and her best friend, Delilah ( Whoopi Goldberg ), pack off for a spontaneous trip to Jamaica.
  • Why pack off a crew of 30 and two stars to Switzerland, one of the most expensive countries in the world?
  • When the polls shift _ or a story breaks that sends the pack off in the opposite direction _ the tone changes.
  • And it became necessary to pack off to the more manageable desert in Utah to complete many of the scenes with the leopard.
  • Pack off your troubles for a week, but please, also, be alert to " possible new attacks in the ensuing few weeks ."
  • But it was his calculated risk in the race's final sprint which caught the rest of the lead pack off guard and assured him of victory.
  • Davis'anxiety is shared by thousands of parents, who each summer pack off youngsters for a week at Grandma's farm or a month at the beach with an ex-spouse.
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