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English-Hindi > pack rat

pack rat meaning in Hindi

pack rat sentence in Hindi
कूड़ा-करकट में से सामान उठाने वाला
pack    पिट्ठू गठरी वृंद
rat    बेवफा मूस अपने
1.Native wildlife include jackrabbits, and small desert-adapted species such as pack rats.

2.Lucky for Tim Hollis that his father was such a pack rat.

3.A pack rat's dream, albeit a rat with a large trust fund.

4.For much of his 68 years, Ginsberg has been a pack rat.

5.During the excavation, a pack rat fell into the pit and died.

6."And, as you can tell, we are pack rats, " she said.

7.Computers seemed at first like the answer to a pack rat's prayer.

8.Being something of a pack rat, I didn't have to look far.

9.Artinian proved himself to be much more than a clever pack rat.

10.Instead, it builds small nests in pack rat houses or under dead agaves.

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any of several bushy-tailed rodents of the genus Neotoma of western North America; hoards food and other objects
Synonyms: packrat, trade rat, bushytail woodrat, Neotoma cinerea,

someone who collects things that have been discarded by others
Synonyms: magpie, scavenger,

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