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pack up sentence in Hindi

"pack up" meaning in Hindi
  • I would disagree with those who want to pack up and leave.
  • Others have decided the only solution is to pack up and leave.
  • He then suggested that the CIA official pack up and go home.
  • They can pack up the furniture and take pictures down from walls.
  • Time to pack up and put Apolo and company into proper perspective.
  • After each season, Elam packs up his family and returns to Georgia.
  • Even normally stalwart Keys residents seemed ready to pack up and leave.
  • Oh and you can pack up and move . . . Buggy.
  • Will they stay or will they pack up their bags and go?
  • House prices plummet as HK families pack up and go, HONGKONG STANDARD
  • Jakob agrees to pack up and go travelling with Herr Benjamenta.
  • He later decides to pack up and travel around the country.
  • The promoter agreed to hire Teamsters to help pack up the show Sunday.
  • Their families were given seven days to pack up and leave the country.
  • Troy packs up his belongings to move to the AC school.
  • I advise the youth to pack up and leave this country,
  • Some logistics staff will stay behind until August to pack up.
  • Thus the gang packs up and heads off to save Alex.
  • Some already were getting ready to pack up and drive home.
  • By noon it was time to pack up and head home.
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