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English-Hindi > package cost

package cost meaning in Hindi

package cost sentence in Hindi

पैक करना का खर्च
package    गठ्ठा पार्सल
cost    क़ीमत चुकानी
1.The package costs $ 234 a night in the main resort.

2.Three four-ounce packages cost $ 25, including shipping.

3.The package costs $ 200 and deliveries will be made Thursday.

4.Several other packages cost less, according to the LogiCom site.

5.That package costs 65, 000 dong, about dlrs 6.

6.The top annual membership package costs under dlrs 1, 000.

7.This system was begun in the 1960s to reduce packaging costs.

8.A 21-network package costs $ 21.95.

9.The 9 1 / 2-ounce packages cost $ 2.29

10.Both services in a package cost $ 8.95 a month.

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