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English-Hindi > package deal

package deal meaning in Hindi

package deal sentence in Hindi
1.The Alamodome is a public entity and cannot offer a package deal.

2.Israel wants a package deal, with all components being negotiated at once.

3.The ArbCom was a package deal, but I m not seeing it.

4.The package deals of broadcast and print advertising are complicated to sell.

5.The use of packages deals with type 1 and type 2 capture.

6.The main package deals with dwindling privacy in an increasingly computerized world.

7.Most hotel discounts in Singapore are bundled into package deals, noted above.

8.Fogarty said Wednesday that the bankruptcy filing is not a pre-packaged deal.

9.These days even the Israeli and Jordanian airlines are offering joint package deals.

10.Package deals abound through airlines, hotels, and the ski resorts themselves.

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