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package material sentence in Hindi

"package material" meaning in Hindi
  • A growing economy is expected to increase demand for packaging materials.
  • Plastic packaging materials also should not be used in conventional ovens.
  • -Excessive packaging materials, such as string or masking tape.
  • Polyester film is used for magnetic recording and industrial packaging materials.
  • Use of other ingredients and packaging materials also will grow.
  • Van Leer produces packaging materials in more than 40 countries.
  • The company's businesses include disposable medical products and packaging materials.
  • Hazardous materials experts said the substance was shredded fibers from packaging material.
  • All packaging materials should be removed from boxes before recycling.
  • Raw materials for the industry includes chemicals and packaging materials.
  • In-plant recycling has long been common for producing packaging materials.
  • The most common end use market is for packaging materials.
  • His papers and three patents, including one for recyclable packaging material.
  • Because of this, other packaging materials are being sought.
  • The Bearings and Tolerance Rings SBU plastics, abrasives and packaging materials.
  • That clue came from the packaging material used in some of the devices.
  • Tampella has forest holdings and manufactures and markets paper products and packaging materials.
  • We are also recycling packaging materials to cut costs,
  • Habito also called for the reduction of tariffs on sugar and packaging materials.
  • Its operations also include packaging material, panels and sawn timber and plywood.
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