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package tour sentence in Hindi

"package tour" meaning in Hindi
  • We could lower the price of package tours to attract more clients.
  • Many people traveled from Portugal on package tours to witness the handover.
  • Most tourists go to Hong Kong as part of a package tour.
  • Prices for package tours in North Rhine-Westphalia fell 6 . 7 percent.
  • But he said packaged tours of the city are few in number.
  • We are teachers and hope to find a reasonably priced package tour.
  • In the U . S ., package tours usually target budget travelers.
  • Collette Vacations offers travelers many choices that reflect the change in package tours.
  • The bar is mainly used by attracting package tour groups on'benders'
  • For many travelers, a package tour might be a better option.
  • The 24 American and Japanese visitors are not getting the ordinary package tour.
  • Package tours and other regular group customers also get preferential rates.
  • Collette Vacations offer travelers many choices and reflects the change in package tours.
  • Some had come from Mexico City on a $ 1, 700 package tour.
  • Let the gushing begin, because this is a package tour of historic proportions.
  • 1974 became known as the worst year for the UK package tour industry.
  • The package tours can be booked only through a travel agent.
  • This is shaping up to be the summer of the alternative package tour.
  • It not the sort of place that Minnesota Rotarians visit on package tours.
  • One important warning : Don't buy package tours at 1997 prices!
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