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English-Hindi > pay claim

pay claim meaning in Hindi

pay claim sentence in Hindi
वेतन माँग
वेतन बढ़ोतरी मांग
pay    उजरत कमाई तनख्वाह
claim    अध्यर्थन अनुरोध
1.No government could yield to a pay claim of that amount,

2.Tribunal held that Ms Fletcher did have an equal pay claim.

3.Rather, it would exist only to pay claims on past policies.

4.Both systems measure the ability of insurers to pay claims.

5.The failure to pay claims is a reason to deny doing business.

6."They have a lot of cash on hand to pay claims.

7.French government officials said Tuesday they want insurers to pay claims quickly.

8.The government backs Pool Re and pays claims if the company becomes insolvent.

9.There's nothing an insuror hates to do more than pay claims.

10.Dishonesty may be met with refusals to pay claims.

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