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English-Hindi > pay court to

pay court to meaning in Hindi

pay court to sentence in Hindi
चापलूसी करना
pay    उजरत कमाई तनख्वाह
court    मैदान आंगन राजगृह
to    बन्द अवस्था में
1.The Cobham members would often pay court to Frederick at Leicester House.

2.Constant continues to pay court to Lady Brute, and she continues to shilly-shally.

3.Olivier returns with Luc / Matthew to Shrewsbury, where Luc again pays court to Melangell.

4.After a stalemate, Lynborough persuades his friends to pay court to the ladies staying with the Marchesa.

5.The notion that the leader of the free world would drop everything to pay court to Perot is unsettling.

6.Meanwhile, the Count's Burgrave pays court to the schoolmaster Benda's daughter, Terinka, who is, however, in love with JiY?

7.He told them that it would be " better to die a thousand times than pay court to Philip ".

8.Soon, Laverdine, Mallicorn, and La-Poope arrive to pay court to Lamira; they meet and mock Montague for his decline in status.

9.As the sage Blectrue, advisor to the governor of the island, explains to newcomers, it is women who pay court to the men.

10.Froggie pays court to Planetty with gifts of flowers; the Princess kisses him, and he turns into the Frogman from " Lost Princess ".

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