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English-Hindi > pencil beam

pencil beam meaning in Hindi

pencil beam sentence in Hindi

• पेंसिल कणपुंज
pencil    पेन्सिल राशि
beam    किरन कड़ी चौड़ाई
1.Monte Carlo simulation of a pencil beam incident on a semi-infinite scattering medium.

2.Bone scan densitometry uses a fan scan system that replaces a pencil beam system.

3.Photon pencil beam scans are defined as crossing of two beams to a fine point.

4.It breaks the radiation into thousands of pencil beams.

5.Ionizing radiation photons or x-rays ( IMRT ) use pencil beam scanning to precisely target a tumor.

6.When the voltages of the two arms were multiplied a pencil beam was formed, but with rather high sidelobes.

7.A 4D radar with a pencil beam will produce radial Doppler velocity in addition to bearing, elevation, and slant range.

8.Oceansat-2 will carry two payloads for ocean related studies, namely, Ocean Colour Monitor ( OCM ) and Ku-band Pencil Beam Scatterometer.

9.Radiation treatment planning has pencil beam scanning as one of its modalities . mean free path is involved in IMRT planning.

10.The system is a low power, long range ( 200-250 nautical miles ), L-band pencil beam, solid-state transmitter and beacon interrogator search radar.

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