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English-Hindi > penny royal

penny royal meaning in Hindi

penny royal sentence in Hindi

पेनी रॉयल
penny    धन पैनी पैसे
royal    रायल कागज शाही
1.Nirvana's " Penny Royal Tea,"

2."Teen Spirit " and " Penny Royal Tea ."

3.The Penny Royal Creek Bushland Reserve is located in Pennyroyal, and the locality also adjoins the Otway Forest Park and Great Otway National Park.

4.Penny Royal Creek State School ( No . 1204 ) opened in 1873, moved to a new site in 1916, and closed in 1982.

5.PENNY ROYAL MANOR BED-AND-BREAKFAST, 68 North Main Street, Mullica Hill, N . J ., ( 856 ) 478-0236.

6.Upon British occupation it was renamed Penny Royal Creek, after a plant that grew profusely on its banks, and the Panninher became known as the Pennyroyal Creek Tribe.

7."These things weren't always in the best of condition, " said Duncan, a retired art teacher who became the Penny Royal Manor proprietor after selling her 135-acre Salem County farmstead.

8.Pure Rubbish officially split up in April 2003 with Derek and Evan continuing to pursue their musical aspirations in their band Penny Royal, and Mike and Jarrett forming the Urgencies in summer 2003 with Al G . and Shawn.

9.Joan Duncan, the owner of a Main Street bed-and-breakfast called Penny Royal Manor, bought the rose-colored five-bedroom Victorian two years ago and furnished more than a third of the rooms with purchases from nearby auction houses.

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