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English-Hindi > performance assessment

performance assessment meaning in Hindi

performance assessment sentence in Hindi

निष्पादन निर्धारण
performance    तामील नाटक
assessment    आंकलन दर निर्धारण
1.The criteria must reflect and measure the vision-related values in performance assessment.

2.Hence, the network DEA methods can be adequately employed for their performance assessment.

3.2009-2012 Superior Ratings at the Florida Bandmasters Association Music Performance Assessment

4.The program involves JKT48 as icon idol and performance assessment team of students.

5.Only 28 percent said they felt very qualified to use student performance assessment techniques.

6."They've gotten better, " said Professor Banta, who edits a newsletter on performance assessment.

7.More complex performance assessment systems do not always pay off.

8.Other states are evaluating possible performance assessments as well.

9.Both the Symphonic and Chamber orchestras consistently rank all 1's during the All-Region performance assessment.

10.The Cambridge English Teaching Framework is a profiling grid, rather than a performance assessment tool.

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