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English-Hindi > physical phenomena

physical phenomena meaning in Hindi

physical phenomena sentence in Hindi

• भौतिक प्रतिभास
physical    प्रकृति शरीर
phenomena    घटना दृँय परिघटना
1.Psychophysics deals with functional relations between the mind and physical phenomena.

2.Quantum theory proposes ways of mathematically understanding various physical phenomena.

3.These tools provide a unique view of ocean life and physical phenomena.

4.But many interesting physical phenomena do not obviously fit into this paradigm.

5.Energy is an attribute of certain physical phenomena and systems.

6.Violation of statistical stability affects on the statistical properties of physical phenomena.

7.These seemingly distinct physical phenomena can be formalised similarly in terms of PDEs.

8.At these distances, quantum mechanics has a profound effect on physical phenomena.

9.This leads to distributed compression, sampling, and modeling of physical phenomena.

10.New physical phenomena appear in consideration of the integral systems which absorb radiation.

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