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English-Hindi > physical possession

physical possession meaning in Hindi

physical possession sentence in Hindi

• भौतिक कब्जा
• वस्तुगत कब्जा
physical    प्रकृति शरीर
possession    आधिपत्य कब्जा
1.The procedure is simple enough if you have physical possession of the stock certificates.

2.The nWo left with physical possession of the title belt.

3.When in use, the manuals always had to be in the pilot's physical possession.

4.Her poetry is characterised by scorn for physical possessions and detachment from worldly affairs.

5.The NYPL can only control the engraving in their physical possession, not one in yours.

6.William I had given it to Hamo the Sheriff of Kent but Alestan kept physical possession.

7.Decades of laws and court decisions already guide physical possessions, especially when there is no will.

8.:Be aware that issues of copyright is not connected with physical possession of a creative work.

9.Rich's no longer accepts third-party card purchases if the customer doesn't have physical possession of the card.

10.When you invest in gold without taking physical possession, you agree to a contract specifying the terms.

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