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physical process sentence in Hindi

"physical process" meaning in Hindi  
  • I'd take a look at both options for modeling the physical process.
  • The curvilinear coordinates of GST can explain physical processes applied to images.
  • For her it is a physical process that moulds anxiety into form.
  • What are the physical processes that sustain high productivity in the region?
  • The physical process that produces dark slope streaks is still uncertain.
  • The phase modulation procedure of the physical process is generally a continuous function.
  • Flocculation is a physical process and does not involve the neutralization of charge.
  • It emphasizes the composition, structure, history, and physical processes that shape the planet.
  • It might start out as small and become amplified by some physical process.
  • The process of creation in the mind becomes the physical process of labor.
  • Specialists in biophysics and physiology study physical processes within neural cells neuronal networks.
  • The anima controls all of the physical processes that happen in the body.
  • The physical processes which give rise to ethane, butane, and more substituted molecules.
  • These waves represent important physical processes in the near-Earth plasma environment.
  • Neutron scattering as a physical process is of primordial importance in nuclear engineering.
  • Since when does that prepare him to study a physical process?
  • Physical process models of complete drainage basins are even more complex.
  • "physical process slow, give plenty time to think, " he types.
  • The methods used include physical processes such as filtration, ultraviolet light.
  • He wrote his diploma thesis on physical processes in the Crab Nebula Supernova.
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