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English-Hindi > physical properties

physical properties meaning in Hindi

physical properties sentence in Hindi

• भौतिक गुण
• भौतिक गुणधर्म
physical    प्रकृति शरीर
properties    गुण गुणधर्म
1.Steinberg pioneered work in characterizing the physical properties of cells and tissues.

2.This was based on observation of the metals and their physical properties.

3.Those physical properties and the speed of sound change with ambient conditions.

4.Online analyzers for chemical or physical property analysis have become more common.

5.These physical properties can be tailored by changing the fatty acid composition.

6.The effect of physical properties is in this case much more pronounced.

7.The physical properties of any material are determined by its chemical structure.

8.The vacuum in space also alters the physical properties of many materials.

9.Surface tension is the physical property which rules interface processes involving liquids.

10.It's also a lot easier to steal intellectual property than physical property.

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