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English-Hindi > picture black

picture black meaning in Hindi

picture black sentence in Hindi

चित्र कृष्ण
picture    चलचित्र चित्र छबि
black    काला कपड़ा काली
1.She was an official technical consultant for the motion-picture Black Swan ( film ).

2.When they picture black America, they see Buffalo.

3.A dozen advertisements promote the new school, picturing black and white candid photographs with laughing brides and tearful dads with tag lines that promise to be sensitive and creative.

4.""'Visit to a Small Planet " "'is a 1960 Paramount Pictures black-and-white science fiction comedy film, produced by Hal B . Wallis, directed by Norman Taurog, that stars Jerry Lewis and co-stars Joan Blackman, Earl Holliman, and Fred Clark.

5.All of the movies I have seen recently about life in the ghetto or life in the'hood have pictured black men in a manner that when these movies are sent throughout the world, we are seen as an undermining reality in American life that America would do well to get rid of.

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