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English-Hindi > pile driver

pile driver meaning in Hindi

pile driver sentence in Hindi
भूस्तम्भ यंत्र

पाइल ड्राइवर
pile    इमारत शाला ऊन
driver    गाड़ीवान चलानेवाला
1.Then, a pile driver was moved into position for driving new piles.

2.Berger kept him on, explaining, " I wanted a pile driver ."

3.The Pile Driver will shoot the amount in sunlight to the Immortal.

4.The pile drivers were entry openings were closed with bars at night.

5.Mayor Bill Campbell said, as pile drivers reverberated outside his office.

6.Nangong 681 class floating pile driver can also be used as a crane ship.

7.Pile drivers and steam hammers are examples for heavy work.

8.A steam powered pile driver was brought from New York.

9.Their father was a pile driver, their mother a homemaker.

10.T'Gin-Zu was released with the vehicle " Pile Driver ".

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a machine that drives piling into the ground

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