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English-Hindi > pin back

pin back meaning in Hindi

pin back sentence in Hindi
pin    कील खूँटी खूंटी
back    कमर पीछे का
1.They often have a metal pin back or a safety pin style back.

2.His catchphrase was'Pin back your lugholes '.

3.Big Jim then grabs the grenade and puts the pin back into it.

4.Also put some on the pin back before you connect it to the pin.

5.This way, even simple chain tools can press the pin back into place.

6.He pins back his short black hair.

7.Syd doesn't know that we caught it and put the pin back in ."

8.I never saw him again, and sent the little service pin back to him by a messenger.

9.Until the springs force the driver pins back into the cylinder, the lock cylinder is momentarily unobstructed.

10.Designed by Wilhelm Ernst Peekhaus, it was of single piece construction with a pin back and clasp.

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