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English-Hindi > pitch accent

pitch accent meaning in Hindi

pitch accent sentence in Hindi

• स्वराघात
pitch    चोटी डामर चढ़ाव या
accent    विशेष महत्त्व
1.Norwegian is a pitch accent language with two distinct pitch patterns.

2.Different languages specify different relationships between pitch accent and stress placement.

3.There are significant variations in the realization of pitch accent between dialects.

4.Tolowa is not fully tonal, but instead has a pitch accent.

5.Ancient Greek pitch accent is placed on only one mora in a word.

6.Phonemic pitch accent is indicated with the downstep,.

7.Japanese pitch accent also varies in how it interacts with syllables and morae.

8.There are significant variations in the realization of the pitch accent between dialects.

9.Are there any universal trends for syllable stress or pitch accents or tones?

10.It is fundamental to the linguistic concept of intonation in pitch accent languages.

emphasis that results from pitch rather than loudness
Synonyms: tonic accent,

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