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pitch angle sentence in Hindi

"pitch angle" meaning in Hindi
  • At the same time, particles within the mirror have a pitch angle.
  • Surprisingly, the particles with the small pitch angle can escape the mirror.
  • Noise mitigation is managed by adjustments to the blade pitch angle.
  • A positive pitch angle raises the nose and lowers the tail.
  • Stronger local magnetic fields can reflect electrons with larger pitch angles.
  • A three dimensional plot can be produced which includes variations in pitch angle.
  • Something occurred to drive that pitch angle to 52 degrees.
  • Something occurred to drive that pitch angle to 52 degrees,
  • The reference pitch angle, which comes from the PI controller, goes through a limiter.
  • Wind speed, wind direction, pitch angle and othera parameters are first selected as input.
  • The chassis maintains the average pitch angle of both rockers.
  • Restrictions on limits are very important to maintain the pitch angle in real term.
  • At the time, the aircraft was nose diving with a pitch angle of 61 degree.
  • Control of the pitch angle in this case is done with a PI controller controls.
  • The degree to which a disc will fade depends on its pitch angle and design.
  • Tha cam track is not a regular helix but varies in pitch angle and depth.
  • It is generally assumed to be a function of both tip-speed ratio and pitch angle.
  • The pitch angle decreased for the next few seconds.
  • For example, if the collective pitch is raised, the pitch angle increases in all regions.
  • The aircraft pressure altitude and pitch angle were decreased while 160 knots computed airspeed remained maintained.
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