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English-Hindi > pitch angle

pitch angle meaning in Hindi

pitch angle sentence in Hindi

• अन्तराल कोण
pitch    चोटी डामर चढ़ाव या
angle    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
1.At the same time, particles within the mirror have a pitch angle.

2.Surprisingly, the particles with the small pitch angle can escape the mirror.

3.Noise mitigation is managed by adjustments to the blade pitch angle.

4.A positive pitch angle raises the nose and lowers the tail.

5.Stronger local magnetic fields can reflect electrons with larger pitch angles.

6.A three dimensional plot can be produced which includes variations in pitch angle.

7.Something occurred to drive that pitch angle to 52 degrees.

8.Something occurred to drive that pitch angle to 52 degrees,

9.The reference pitch angle, which comes from the PI controller, goes through a limiter.

10.Wind speed, wind direction, pitch angle and othera parameters are first selected as input.

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