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English-Hindi > pituitary tumour

pituitary tumour meaning in Hindi

pituitary tumour sentence in Hindi

पीयूषिका अर्बुद
pituitary    पीयूष ग्रंथि
tumour    अर्बुद ट्यूमर
1.Other causes are other pituitary tumours and normal pregnancy and breastfeeding.

2.MEN1 pituitary tumours are adenomas of anterior cells, typically prolactinomas or growth hormone-secreting.

3.Initially, PTTG1IP expression was found to be higher in pituitary tumours compared with normal pituitary tissue.

4.On 24 October 2007, it was discovered that there had been a regrowth of his pituitary tumour and bleeding into his brain.

5.A pituitary tumour may compress the optic tracts or the optic chiasm of the optic nerve ( II ), leading to visual field loss.

6.In addition to assessing the size of the pituitary tumour, doctors also look for damage to surrounding tissues, and perform tests to assess whether production of other pituitary hormones is normal.

7.A pituitary tumour that had made him blind since 1951 ( its growth placing pressure on the optic nerve ) ended his artistic career, but he continued writing until his death in 1957.

8.Starting in 2010, K�sen received Gamma Knife treatment for his pituitary tumour at the University of Virginia Medical School and has also been provided with medication to control his excessive levels of growth hormone.

9.A pituitary tumour may also extend into the cavernous sinus, compressing the oculuomotor nerve ( III ), trochlear nerve ( IV ) and abducens nerve ( VI ), leading to double-vision and strabismus.

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