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English-Hindi > plane away

plane away meaning in Hindi

plane away sentence in Hindi
चौरस बनाना
plane    रन्दा हमवार बनाना
away    विरोधी के यहाँ अलग
1.Iraq's air defenses drove the planes away, he said.

2.He said the pilot steered the plane away from houses toward a field.

3.It said Turkish planes had escorted the Greek planes away from the region.

4.Carriker said as he swung the plane away.

5.He steered the plane away from the city and it crashed into the fields.

6.The fighter pilot maneuvered his plane away from populated areas and parachuted to safety.

7.Boeing considers a plane delivered when a customer takes possession and flies the plane away.

8.He said the pilot appeared to turn the plane away from the camp before it crashed.

9.The flight is smooth, but getting the plane away from the gate was another matter.

10."Our courageous air defenses drove the planes away, " he told INA.

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