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English-Hindi > plug hole

plug hole meaning in Hindi

plug hole sentence in Hindi

• डाट छिद्र
plug    आलूचा अनुकूल
hole    कुंड छेद होना
1.And the contents are sure to plug holes in any record collection.

2.The Flyers, trying to plug holes, signed 29-year-old center Derek Plante.

3.You cannot plug holes with players who come from the American Hockey League.

4.Some of the 29 proposals were intended to plug holes in existing legislation.

5.They are trying to plug holes in a dam that is about to burst.

6."We're trying to plug holes in the dike every day.

7.Jacksonville recently signed veteran free agent Sean Dawkins to plug holes in its receiving corps.

8.Linebackers must either prevent short passes or plug holes.

9.The new regulations would plug holes in the 1994 law but not affect the funding mechanism.

10.:Aww, my microwave is boring, no plug holes.

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