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English-Hindi > poor box

poor box meaning in Hindi

poor box sentence in Hindi
दान पात्र
poor    तड़ाका फट तंग
box    बक्स कटोरा मंजूषा
1.Despite its poor box-office intake, supporters of motion capture technology took notice.

2.The film's poor box office draw helped end Hart's already fading star.

3.Landau remarked, commenting on the film's relatively poor box office showing.

4.A two-and-a-half-bay poor box is at the west of the nave.

5.Despite receiving mixed-to-negative critical reception and poor box office receipts, " Exodus " ).

6."It's like stealing coins from a church's poor box ."

7.His father, William S . Baltz, gave the coins to the chaplain's poor box.

8.Later, Jimmy and Ralph break into the church to steal from the poor box.

9.The film garnered negative reviews and poor box office returns.

10.Stanwyck blamed its poor box-office showing on racist backlash.

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box for collecting alms, especially one in a church
Synonyms: alms box, mite box,

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