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poor devil sentence in Hindi

"poor devil" meaning in Hindipoor devil in a sentence
  • Only a city of Atlanta police officer saved that poor devil,
  • Maybe the poor devil is on this cholesterol-lowering drug.
  • You always wonder what happened when the poor devil goes that way.
  • They are victims, poor devils, of our rollicking population growth.
  • Some people keep a child or two in college, poor devils.
  • But how about some poor devil in Peru or Bangladesh or whatever?
  • What did the poor devil know about his new allegiance?
  • Better to reassure the poor devils that money can't buy happiness.
  • Yet, poor devils they really did exist ".
  • And who can blame them, poor devils?
  • Fact, I wonder what these poor devils are finding to keep themselves alive.
  • If we corner a winemaker _ the poor devil _ we're in heaven.
  • The guard discovers his lifeless body and sighs, " Poor devil . . ."
  • Another poor devil ruined for justice.
  • Already having some out there in northern Indiana, poor devils trying to drive to work through those storms.
  • He came to me with tears in his eyes and said he was a poor devil with nothing to live on.
  • He offered his own answer : " But Authors are always poor devils, and therefore Satan may take them ."
  • The poor devil has been immersed in those end-of-the-year roundups so beloved by his favorite newspapers.
  • If they find some, critics say, they hover low, sandblasting the poor devils with the wash of their rotors.
  • The Judge comments : " Poor devil; we only wanted to amuse ourselves, but he took it too seriously ."
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