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English-Hindi > poor devil

poor devil meaning in Hindi

poor devil sentence in Hindi
poor    तड़ाका फट तंग
devil    दानव दुष्ट
1.Only a city of Atlanta police officer saved that poor devil,

2.Maybe the poor devil is on this cholesterol-lowering drug.

3.You always wonder what happened when the poor devil goes that way.

4.They are victims, poor devils, of our rollicking population growth.

5.Some people keep a child or two in college, poor devils.

6.But how about some poor devil in Peru or Bangladesh or whatever?

7.What did the poor devil know about his new allegiance?

8.Better to reassure the poor devils that money can't buy happiness.

9.Yet, poor devils they really did exist ".

10.And who can blame them, poor devils?

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