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press cuttings sentence in Hindi

"press cuttings" meaning in Hindi
  • The room contains several photographs and press cuttings of the wreck.
  • Kennedy had been working for a press cuttings agency.
  • The file contains a selection of press cuttings covering the Arrras and Thiepval unveilings.
  • Inspired by press cuttings about the 1980.
  • Over the years, the Society has accumulated a substantial press cuttings relating to Wells.
  • Its contents include books, periodicals, maps, press cuttings, letters and drawings.
  • Press cutting can't be used to make features in the sides of vacuum formings.
  • The collection consists of miscellaneous literary papers, with periodicals, press cuttings and personal correspondence.
  • It also includes other media such as garden guidebooks, trade catalogues, postcards and press cuttings.
  • I wanted to insert a photo of the artist from a 1928 press cutting, into the infobox.
  • I shall endeavour to upload some photographs and press cuttings if I can figure out how to do so.
  • Press cutting : This is a very precise method of cutting which uses a press and a custom precision made cutting tool.
  • It can also cut sidewalls of a different depth than the pockets-which cannot be done with roller or press cutting.
  • Sirs, I am compiling a dossier on the present American presidential campaign, press cuttings, magazine articles and the like.
  • The case rested on little more than press cuttings including exaggerated claims which Evans and Colsett had themselves uttered to the journalists.
  • Hearing Paul playing the piano, she goes through and shows him a press cutting from the diary, about Robbins and Nash.
  • They have also library / archive which consists of press cuttings, posters, volumes and varying numbers of issues and volumes of periodicals.
  • They include his correspondence, drafts of his publications, papers relating to libel cases, reports on his investigations, press cuttings and photographs.
  • It can leave you in a pile of yesterday's press cuttings and laugh at you as you wonder what happened to your real self.
  • The following information will appear on the main entry ( with references ) as soon as I have sifted through the many magzines and press cuttings.
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