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press house sentence in Hindi

"press house" meaning in Hindipress house in a sentence
  • He took part in group exhibition in the Press House in 1931.
  • The Press House was also burned and severely damaged in the incident.
  • He is currently the poetry editor for the Toronto-based press House of Anansi.
  • The adjacent press house features exhibits about the lives of President and Mrs . Harding.
  • Instead of holding the public rally, the protesters held a sit-in inside the press house.
  • An ammunition depot near The Associated Press house.
  • Only the Press House now called the singer.
  • _Crawford Long Hospital : Olympic Village; Alexander Memorial Coliseum; Emory University Campus Press Housing; Main Press Center
  • At the foot of the Goldtr�pfchen vineyard in Piesport, a 4th-century AD Roman press house was discovered in 1985.
  • It is made up of a fulling mill, a press house, a water tower, a chimney, and various worker dwellings.
  • Sludge was pressed into'Cake'at the Press House, a long, by wide building which housed the railway wagons in the basement.
  • Mammad Hagverdi Yaqubov was awarded a diploma " The Best Patriotic Researcher " of 2014 by the European Publishing Press House.
  • For music and theatre events for a smaller public the old castle wine press house opposite Beihingen Castle is still popular.
  • He participated in an exhibition of photographic reporting organized by the Association of Moscow Photographers for the Press House ( Moscow ).
  • The exhibition included work by 29 artists responding to poems by Saijo that were published posthumously in the Bamboo Ridge Press house magazine.
  • Sunday's bomb destroyed the Press House, a building that housed the offices of three independent newspapers, Le Matin, L'Opinion and Le Soir d'Algerie.
  • Further buildings from the 17th century within the farmyard of the lower castle are the old oil mill and the former wine press house.
  • Later, the biggest building on this square, the " Press House " was constructed, so as the " City Restaurant " and the International Press Center.
  • This was made possible, among other things, by the acquisition in 1928 of a printing press housed in building adjacent to Bydgoszcz's jail facility at Parkowa street.
  • The "'Sludge Press House, Fields Point Sewage Treatment Plant "'was an historic wastewater treatment facility building at Ernest Street at Fields Point, Rhode Island in Providence, Rhode Island.
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