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English-Hindi > press run

press run meaning in Hindi

press run sentence in Hindi

मुद्रण संख्या
press    दीवारी अल्मारी
run    छोटी नदी दूरी औसत
1.A sell-out could lead to a more ambitious, and profitable, press run.

2.The initial press run is 3 million copies at $ 25.95 per.

3.Due to misprints, several press runs of the CD state different labels.

4.The magazine ran off its biggest-until-then press run : about 7 million copies.

5.Iron Mountain Press was accustomed to press runs in the hundreds.

6.The press run of " PL " circa 1970 was approximately 10, 000.

7.The first press run of the hard cover Bush book is 750, 000.

8.The first press run of the magazine is 300, 000 copies.

9.A typical press run is 3, 600 to 4, 600 copies.

10.At Brown, students responded by stealing the paper's entire press run.

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the period that presses run to produce an issue of a newspaper
Synonyms: print run,

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