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English-Hindi > press stud

press stud meaning in Hindi

press stud sentence in Hindi
प्रेस बटन
press    दीवारी अल्मारी
stud    खूंटी स्टड पिन
1.In addition to human remains, press studs and small fragments of clothing were found in the coffin.

2.By the 1990s, however, press studs had become associated with the adaptable clothing worn by pensioners and the disabled.

3.However, RAN officers purchased their own boilersuits which would be either white or brown in colour with press studs.

4.Also, if it fastens with a hook and eye, or press studs, then move one part to the correct place.

5.The vest consists of a front and rear soft armour panel, which join with the aid of hook & loop fasteners and press studs at the shoulders and waist sides.

6.Also, similar to holders of other items of equipment, these can be found with either an open top design, or a closed design fastened either with a press stud or velcro.

7.When joined together using press studs around the edges, or Velcro strips across each of the corners, they become a 13.5 tog winter duvet and as such can be made to suit all seasons.

8.For instance, you'll read about how a starched organdy collar is attached to the neckline of an asparagus-toned suit with a series of press studs so that it can be detached for hand laundering.

9.The Director of Naval Victualling replied to 3a in a hand written note that while a rating may have worn a blue boilersuit, suits with press studs " had never been adopted " by the navy.

10.Two former RAN officers recalled being issued with a white boilersuit twice a year, that these were fastened with four or five press studs and that some had press studs at the wrist, while others did not.

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a fastener used on clothing; fastens with a snapping sound; "children can manage snaps better than buttons"
Synonyms: snap, snap fastener,

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