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English-Hindi > price adjustment

price adjustment meaning in Hindi

price adjustment sentence in Hindi

• मूल्य समायोजन
price    क़ीमत क़ीमत कीमत
adjustment    एकीकरण निपटारा
1.Price adjustments only compare different prices within the same retailer over time.

2.The price adjustment will redefine best-value mobile phone services, Mr Ma said.

3.Centaline said homebuyers had been slow in reacting to the price adjustments.

4.This led Metrolinx to consider price adjustments to boost ridership numbers.

5.It attributed the profit to price adjustments early in the year.

6.New orders have improved and price adjustments are being planned for this autumn.

7.That is the one crop that consumers may see a price adjustment on,

8.So we have no choice but to make price adjustments, " she said.

9.As it was a normal price adjustment, we are not going to respond,

10.Egat recently made price adjustments resulting in increased yearly revenue of Bt4 billion.

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